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The City of Montreal is rich with Montreal Landmarks. Montreal Canada is a city rich in history and culture. The city of Montreal was founded in 1642 by French settlers and soon built its reputation as a major fur trading post. In the center of Montreal, there is a mountain named Mont Royal, from which the city probably took its name. With a thriving fur trade, Montréal became an exploration base and the commercial hub of France's North American empire, Nouvelle France. Many of the landmarks Montreal buildings from the period can still be seen in Old Montréal today.

Old Montréal (Vieux Montréal)
Old Montreal gives you a glimpse to the past. In this historic quarter, you will find centuries old buildings, Montreal museums and Montreal churches. This is where the city of Montreal was born. Vieux Montreal is located on the St. Lawrence River. After a couple of hours of Canada Montreal sightseeing, why not settle in to the many Montreal cafes and restaurant Montreal to enjoy great food, refreshments and hospitality.

Notre-Dame Basilica (Basilique Notre-Dame)
116 Notre-Dame W., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Montreal's oldest Catholic church, built in 1656, is known for its exquisite designed interior, which includes stained glass chronicling the history of the city.

Saint Joseph's Oratory
3800, Queen Mary Road
Montreal QC H3V 1H6
The oratory is situated on Montreal’s mountain Mount Royal. It is recognized as one of the great temples of the world. It was founded by Brother Andre and was meant as a place of worship for people of different faiths.